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Water supply to Karachi suspended after Dhabeji pipeline bursts

KARACHI: Water supply to the city was disrupted as a main water supply line, supplying water from the Dhabeji pumping station to different parts of Karachi burst due to a sudden electricity breakdown.
According to sources, the damage to the 72-inch-diametre pipeline caused a loss of thousands of gallons of drinking water being supplied to the metropolis. Sources further said repair work on the pipeline is being undertaken and would be completed by Thursday morning.
KWSB officials confirmed that the power to the pumping station was resumed within a few hours but the water supply to a large part of the city remained suspended. Karachi’s overall demand for water is 1.2 billion gallons per day however; it is being supplied with only 580 million gallons of water.
KWSB management has appealed to citizens to use water carefully in times of crisis. The Dhabeji pumping station, which pumps water to around 70 percent of the city, frequently suffers power breakdowns as a result of which the pipelines burst.
According to KWSB officials, the pipelines burst due to the abrupt reverse flow of water in the event of a power breakdown. Some of the worst-hit areas by the suspension of water supply on Tuesday and Wednesday were Korangi, Landhi, and other adjacent localities.
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