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Two workers die after suffocating in ship at Karachi port

The Minister for Maritime Affairs said that when the contractor counted the workers at Karachi port in the evening, 2 less came out. (Photo: Wikipedia)

KARACHI: Two labourers have died due to suffocation in the ship at the Sindh capital’s port.

Both the laborers had reached the port in the morning to perform their duties. According to details, the tragic incident took place at Karachi port during soybean transfer. Minister for Maritime Affairs Faisal Sabzwari confirmed the death of two workers by suffocation.

The Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs said that the bodies of the two workers had been removed from the anchored ship. The workers fell into the ship’s soybean tank and the ship had brought soybeans from Brazil in April. The ship arrived in Karachi on April 29, the minister said. The injured workers reached Karachi port in the morning.

In the evening, the contractor counted the workers for wages, but they were missing. Officials have termed the death of the workers as an accident. Two workers were missing when the counting took place. Faisal Sabzwari said that the dead workers had gone down in the plane and there was no gas leak.

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