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Women made homeless by land mafia and police, die awaiting justice

Two justice seeking peole died in Rawalpindi
RAWALPINDI: Two women in Rawalpindi lost their lives awaiting justice against the land mafia who made them homeless with the help of local police.
The family members of the deceased, couple Ghulam Haider and Parveen Akhtar, who reside near PAF Noor Khan Airbase, revealed that Akhtar’s mother and sister Sughra Bibi fought against the land mafia for four long years until their death today.  
According to Parveen Akhtar, her mother died of a heart attack and her sister kept on struggling till her last breath. 
The couple said that their inherited property located in Tehsil Fateh, Chakwal district has been owned by them for over 300 years but the area’s influential land mafia had illegally occupied it.
Parveen Akhtar said, “For over four years the mafia gang including Ajaib Khan, Iqbal Mohsin, Hashim, Fazal Hussain, and Nazakat Hussain had occupied our land.” 
She claimed that the deputy tehsildar was also involved in capturing the land. She claimed that SHO Masrit Shah and ASI Amjad are involved in the matter.
“The mafia has occupied our land since 2017. I and my deceased sister had knocked on every door for justice but instead, we were oppressed by the police.”
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