Two groups clash over land dispute in Surjani Town

KARACHI: Two groups resorted to firing as they clashed over a land dispute in Surjani Town area of Karachi.

No loss of life or injury was reported as the groups dispersed after the firing incident while police was unable to take any action. The incident occurred near Baba Mor area in Surjani as two groups laid claim to the Rabia Basri construction project.

According to reports, Asghar Bihari, resident of Organi Town, along with members of the land mafia, attempted to occupy the under-construction residential project of Faisal Mullah.

This ensued a verbal altercation and both groups resorted to indiscriminate firing against each other. Police refused to take any action despite being present nearby.

Sources informed that police has shown no interest in resolving the land dispute and is rather attempting to receive underhand payments from both sides.

Residents have urged higher police officials to intervene and resolve the dispute at the earliest as such incidents create panic in the area and could lead to loss of lives.

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