Three ‘fish spots’ one must visit in winters

The port city Karachi is blessed with a vast coastline and deep sea. Being surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Karachi has a wide variety of seawater fish while many others make their way from rivers, lakes and ponds in other parts of the country.

The city offers top-class seafood and for sake of food lovers in town, we have gathered a few places that sell the best mouthwatering fish in town which can your enjoy in the fast approaching winter season.

Rashid Seafood

Situated at Keamari Port, Rashid seafood started selling fish from a small setup. The place has a different way of selling fish, inspired by the idea of cooking fish on coals.

The place sells a wide variety of fish cooked in different ways. Be it fish karahi, fish barbeque, or grilled fish, the joint has it all.

The rates of fish are not fixed, it increases in winters. Red snapper is sold at Rs. 1200 per kg, muskar, and gandhi fish are sold at Rs. 800 per kg, dotar fish is sold at Rs. 1000 per kg, Prawn karahi is sold at Rs.1400 per kg fish barbeque is sold at Rs 1200 per kg.

Mamu Fish Grill

Mamu Fish Grill is situated at Block-2 PECHS and has been serving the yummiest fish since 2010. The owner believes that acknowledging people about types of fish is more important than earning money. The best part about the place is they grill the meat with olive oil.

The place cooks fish in two different spices, one for the children and others for adults. the place, fortunately, avoids artificial flavours and use organic and lemon for citric taste.

The price of fish they serve is a bit expensive as compared to others – boneless surmai fish is sold for Rs. 2000, while muskar fillet fish is being sold at Rs.1600 per kg.

A.H. Fish Corner

A.H Fish Corner is located at kallu chowk Korangi, the place has been running since the 90s. This corner is famous for selling freshly cooked fish. The place serves muskar, sal fish, finger fish, grilled and surmai fish, Cooked in organic spices, A.H. Fish Corner does not blend any essence. 

The place serves delicious fish throughout the year but most of the people like to eat the special seafood in winters mostly. The corner serves kanji fish at Rs. 1100 per kg and finger fish for Rs.1200per kg. Surmai is sold at Rs1600 per kg, Heera fish is sold at Rs 1200 per kg.