This mouth-watering Handi Karahi you should try at least once

No matter which restaurant you go to, there is always one dish that everyone in the family wants to order and that dish is no other than Chicken Karahi.

Chicken karahi is one of the most authentic and one of the tastiest chicken curries originating from the Indian subcontinent. Be it a high-end restaurant or a dhaaba, you will be sure to find some variety in this offering.

We have found another variety of this mouth-watering chicken curry: Handi Karahi. When such spicy Karahi is made in a clay pot (Handi), the pleasure is doubled.  

Located at Karachi’s Shah-Faisal No3, New Geo Point prepares one of the best Handi Karahi in town. This karhai is prepared with deliciously tender chicken and is given its flavor by a generous helping of tomatoes.

The restaurant’s owner said that a clay pot is a part of our culture, which increases the taste of food. According to the owner, they serve four types of Handi Karahi.

Giving details regarding its preparation, he said after frying the chicken, it is put in the Handi and all the ingredients are added to it. “After some time, spices are added and it is cooked again,” he added. Finally, they served that mouth-watering karahi with hot naan and raita, you must try if you haven’t.

The restaurant sells chicken handi karahi for Rs500 per kg, chicken boneless for Rs700 per kg, while mutton karahi is being sold at Rs700 per kg and boneless for Rs1,100 per kg.

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