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Tasty pakoras to try this monsoon

Pakora is a quintessential Karachi house-hold item. There is no occasion when you can’t have pakoras. Whether its raining or you’re breaking your fast, you love to eat some pyaaz wala pakoras! It does not matter what time of the day it is, a palak wala pakora dipped in some delicious chutney is all that you need.
Pakoras is a traditional snack much loved by all foodies, different types of veggies, sliced and dipped in gram flour (besan) with minimum spices fried to perfection. It is best served with a cup of tea. The best place for pakoras is at home but besides that this delicious fried item is available everywhere and we have listed some of the best spots. 
1) Bint-e-Riaz Kitchen

The joint serves unique pakoras with distinct service, along with home delivery. The joint is famous for its egg pakora –  yes an egg fritter! Unique and bizarre isn’t it? The mixed batter blended with spices and chopped boiled eggs is served with a yogurt chutney.
Food lovers who enjoy rain but can’t cook can contact or place an order at Bint-e-Riaz Kitchen and enjoy unusually amazing round shaped pakoras at home.
2) Bombay bakers
The Bombay bakers situated at Shah Faisal colony is famous for nimco, sweets, and other snacks, but its pakoras are truly a delight. During rainfall, most people crave for tempting kachoris and pakoras and when it comes to the variety of pakoras, this place has it all. They serve mirchi, pyaaz, palak, and aloo pakoras fried in banaspati oil, which may make the price a bit expensive but worth eating.
The specialty of this joint its qeema (mince) filled mirch pakoras. Yes, it’s a unique one – the chili is filled with gravy sauces and mince. The filling is coated with a paste of besan before being fried for pakora lovers. This joint sells pakoras for Rs. 80 for a quarter kilogram. 
3) Azmat Ali pakoras
Situated in the FB area, whenever one goes to the Azmat Ali pakoras joint, one enjoys some of the best aalo pyaaz pakoras there. This joint serves mouth-watering pakoras and is famous for their aalo pyaaz pakoras sprinkled with chaat masala over it. 
Their pakoras are simple, cooked in fresh oil, and absolutely satisfying. The joint serves pakoras Rs. 70  per quarter only. Tasty and budget-friendly too. High-five!




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