US dollar

US dollar slides down against PKR

KARACHI: After back-to-back losses in the last few sessions, Pakistan’s rupee reversed the trend against the US dollar as it recorded a slight gain of 0.35% in the inter-bank market on Monday. The trend reversed after the traders started selling

Rupee continues to fall, reaches 187 against dollar

KARACHI: US dollar has surpassed the mark of 187 against the Pakistani rupee (PKR) on Thursday in the intraday trade for the first time after the new government assumed the charge as it depreciated by over Rs1.28. The dollar was

Pakistani rupee gains against US dollar

KARACHI: After days of losing streak, the Pakistani rupee on Monday gained against the United States (US) dollar in the interbank, giving a positive signal about the stabilisation of the exchange rate. According to foreign currency dealers, the US dollar

Pakistani rupees rises against US dollar

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee continued to post gains against the United States (US) dollar in the interbank currency market on Friday. According to the data shared by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the domestic currency closed at Rs174.71 against

US dollar depreciates 2.49 against Pakistani rupee

KARACHI: After flying high, the US Dollar weakened by 2.49 paisa in the interbank against the Pakistani rupee on Wednesday. The greenback closed at Rs172.78 on the third business day of the week compared to the previous closing of Rs175.27.

US dollar hits record high against Pakistani rupee

KARACHI: The US dollar hit record high against the Pakistani rupee on the first day of the trading week, The greenback hit Rs169.60 against the Pakistani rupee in the inter-bank currency market.  The local unit saw a new all-time inter-day

Rupee strengthens by Rs 0.21 against dollar

KARACHI: The exchange rate of Pakistani rupees on Monday strengthened by Rs0.21 against the United States dollar. The greenback is currently trading at 166.05 against the domestic currency at the interbank foreign exchange market. The dollar had finished at Rs166.26

Rupee gains 13 paisa in interbank market against dollar

KARACHI: At the start of today’s interbank trading, the rupee gained 13 paisa on Monday against the US dollar owing to efforts of the government to stop the dollar flight. The greenback has seen a marginal depreciation of the local

Rupee declines by 18 paisa against US dollar

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee declined by 18 paisa to Rs157.70 against the US dollar in the interbank market on Monday. In the earlier weeks, the rupee had been observed to cumulatively depreciate against the dollar in the interbank. In previous

Dollar drops by 27 paisas in interbank

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee on Thursday gained by 27 paisas against the US dollar in the interbank market. According to forex dealers, the dollar in the interbank fell to $158.30 from 158.57. There was no change in the value of