United States sues Uber for charging high rates from disabled persons

WASHINGTON: The United States Justice Department had issued notice to Uber, an American mobility service provider for charging higher rates for disabled persons. The allegations were put against Uber for overcharging passengers with disabilities. According to the statement on the

Uber and Easypaisa partner to introduce cashless payments

LAHORE: Uber, the global ride-hailing platform that seamlessly connects riders with drivers, with an aim to encourage digital financial inclusion in Pakistan, is introducing digital payments for its riders and partner drivers, in collaboration with Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital payments

Did a woman just get arrested for coughing on Uber driver?

A passenger has been arrested for assaulting her Uber driver and violating COVID-19 SOPs in San Francisco. A viral video captured three women coughing on the Uber driver named Subhakar Khadka, scolding him and tearing off his mask as he

Uber wins London licence after appeal

LONDON: Uber won a London court appeal allowing the ride-hailing giant to operate in the capital for the next 18 months. Uber overturned Transport for London’s (TfL) refusal last year to renew its operating licence around the issue of unauthorised

Uber buys UK taxi software company Autocab

LONDON: Uber has agreed to buy the British tech company Autocab to expand in areas where it does not currently operate in the United Kingdom. The firm said the acquisition will allow it to link people who open their Uber

Uber to lay off 3,700 workers as rides plummet during pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO: Taxi service Uber has planned to furlough its 3,700 workers amid due to the coronavirus pandemic. The move to lay off 3,700 employees, which represents about 14 percent of its 26,900 workforces, as the company’s revenue has been

Hyundai partners with Uber to start developing air taxis

VERGE: Hyundai mass produces this electric vertical takeoff but it will also deploy them for Uber’s promised air taxi network. The prototype will be displayed in CE (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week. Last month, Hyundai displayed a

Top 10 Mobile Apps Of 2019 That Made Life More Easy

Technology apps have come on strong in recent years. These apps are one that accelerates or supports daily life routines. There are top ten mobile apps used mostly in the year 2019 that are mentioned below: Uber: Uber is the

Uber loses license to operate in London over safety failures

LONDON: Uber was stripped of its license to carry paying passengers in London on Monday for the second time in just over two years over a “pattern of failures” on safety and security. Unauthorised drivers were able to upload their

Uber contributes to air pollution and climate change, study reveals

SAN FRANCISCO: The new study has revealed that the Taxi service Uber is reportedly contributing to air pollution and climate change. Data compiled by Euromonitor for European research and campaign group Transport & Environment shows a correlation between the surge