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Pakistan Stock Exchange

PSX loses control as KSE 100 index drops by 661 points

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) plunged on Wednesday as it lost control in later-day trading and ended the day on a negative note. The benchmark KSE-100 index declined by 661.30 points (-1.51%) and closed at 43,221.78 points. The stock

PSX witnesses bullish trend as KSE 100 Index gains 639 points

KARACHI: Pakistan Stock exchange (PSX) has witnessed an upward trend as the KSE 100 Index gained 639 points on Monday. According to the details, the PSX traded at the level of 43110 and the KSE 100 Index gained 316 points and

Pakistan Stock Exchange formally launches ETFs

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Tuesday held an impressive ceremony to formally mark the launch of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). According to a statement, These ETFs are NIT Pakistan Gateway Exchange Traded Fund, UBL Pakistan Enterprise Exchange Traded

PSX bounces back as KSE-100 index gains 463 points

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) recovered today (Tuesday), with the benchmark KSE-100 index gaining 463.41 points to climb back over the 41,000-mark. The benchmark KSE-100 Index saw volatile activity for most part of the day, registering its intraday low

PSX plummets as global markets crash, oil prices plunge

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange plummeted on Monday as global markets crashed amid rising fears of the spread of coronavirus and its effects on the global economy. The stock market received a hammering with a crash in oil prices creating

KSE 100 index gains 475 points to cross 39,000 points level

KARACHI: After two days of a downward trend at the stock market, the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Thursday saw a health increase of around 475 points in intra-day trading. The benchmark KSE 100 index increased by 475.71 points, witnessing a

PSX fails to gain momentum, 100 index dips 96 points

KARACHI: The stock market failed to continue the upward trajectory since yesterday when it showed a healthy gain of over 1300 points and instead declined on Tuesday. The benchmark KSE 100 index declined by 96.62 points, or a decrease of

What is behind Stock Market’s bearish trend?

The Pakistan stock market was trading at 42,000 points in the last days of January 2020. However, according to today’s latest situation, the stock market has fallen below the level of 39,500. The stock market has plunged more than 3000

Bulls regain control as stock market rises

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed an upward trajectory on Wednesday after a dismal two days of the ongoing week as bulls returned to regain control of the stock market. The benchmark KSE 100 index increased by 399.17 points (0.99%)

Stock market remains positive over improved investor sentiments

KARACHI: The stock market ended its losing run on Monday after witnessing a miniscule change amid easing of economic challenges and positive talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The benchmark KSE 100 index witnessed an increase of 33.67 points

Stock market dips over selling pressures

KARACHI: The upward trajectory on the stock market slowed down on Thursday over selling pressures as investors sought to book profits. The benchmark KSE 100 index witnessed a decline of 75.69 points (0.19%) to close at 40,455.44 points. The stock

Stock market gains 816 points to cross 40,000 points barrier

KARACHI: The stock market on Wednesday shot up by over 816 points to cross the 40,000 points level which it had lost earlier this week over economic challenges. The benchmark KSE 100 index rose by 816.67 points, or an increase

Stock market declines 214 points on lack of triggers

KARACHI: After a frustrating week, the stock market on Wednesday slipped down after failing to search for any positive triggers during intra-day trading. The benchmark KSE 100 index at the Pakistan Stock Exchange declined by 214.01 points, or a decrease

Stock market stagnant as 100 index slips by 11 points

KARACHI: It remains a clumsy day at the stock market as the KSE 100 index recorded a minuscule decline over eleven points during intra-day trading. In sharp contrast to the rally last week, the Pakistan Stock Exchange began to stagnate after

Stock market loses control as 100 index drops 546 points

KARACHI: Uncertainty and regional tension loomed over at the stock market on Wednesday as the bourse shed over 500 points in intra-day trading. The benchmark KSE 100 index closed at 41,357.56 points after losing 546.91 points or 1.32 percent during

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) loses 820 points today

KARACHI: Following the current bullish trend on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the bears took over the market on Monday as the KSE 100-Index sunk by 820 points at the start of the first business day of the week. The

KSE 100 index regains momentum to close at 40,664 points

KARACHI: After a brief slump, the KSE-100 index on the Pakistan Stock Exchange regained its momentum on Tuesday to close at 40,664.60 points. The opening day of the week yesterday saw an overall decline of 289.45 points (-0.71%) in intra-day

KSE 100 index declines by 289 points to close at 40,442

KARACHI: The KSE-100 index on the Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed a slight decrease on Monday to close at 40,442.80 points. The bourse opened at 40,804.44 points and saw an overall decline of 289.45 points (-0.71%) in intra-day trading and eventually

Bullish trend maintains upward trajectory at PSX

KARACHI: The KSE-100 index on the Pakistan Stock Exchange continued the upward trajectory on Thursday closing in above the 40,000 benchmark level after intra-day trading. Yesterday, the bourse closed at 40,270.52 points for the first time in the last ten

Pakistan Stock Exchange opens on bullish note

KARACHI: Taking cue from the strong rally on Friday, the stock market extended gains on Monday with the KSE-100 index up by 286 points (0.76 per cent) and closing seen at 38,212. The market opened positive and remained on the

Meltdown on PSX: index plunges 936 points

KARACHI: From profit-taking a day earlier, the stock market descended into panic selling on Thursday as the KSE-100 index lost a massive 936 points (2.46 per cent) and closed at 37,101. The market opened on a negative note and the

Bullish trend at PSX – Index gains 35,277 points

KARACHI: Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) observed a bullish trend as the benchmark KSE-100 index gained 35277.46 points. On Monday, the total turnover was 207,782,700 as compared to 157,118,951 on the last working day with Fauji Cement having the highest turnover

PSX gains 403 points on third trading day

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) adopted a positive trajectory on Wednesday as the benchmark KSE-100 Index gained more than 400 points. The market opened at 30,584 level while the 100-index rose 403 points to 30,988 levels. Earlier on Friday,