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One killed, six injured in fog-related accident

LAHORE: At least one person has been killed and six others injured in a traffic accident in Punjab capital due to heavy fog and loss of sight. According to details, a collision took place between one bus and four vehicles.

Motorway closed as thick fog engulfs most cities of Punjab

LAHORE: The motorway was closed as thick fog engulfed most cities in Punjab including Lahore on Saturday morning leaving visibility at a low. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) recorded a temperature of 2°C in Lahore on Saturday morning. The motorway

Heavy fog reduces visibility level to 50 meters at M-1 motorway

ISLAMABAD: The motorway section from Islamabad to Peshawar (M1), was closed during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday as thick areas filled with dense fog. The police on the motorway instructed the drivers to turn on fog lights while traveling

Heavy fog continues to engulf parts of Punjab

LAHORE: Dense fog engulfed many areas of Punjab in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, heavily crippling road traffic and paralyzing daily life. The Motorway road from Lahore to Darkhana, the Motorway road from Khanewal to Multan (M4), the Motorway

Dense fog covers most parts of Punjab, KP and Sindh

ISLAMABAD: Dense fog has covered most plain areas of Punjab and Upper Sindh as well as a few districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, disturbing daily routine life. Due to fog, travelers have been advised to not travel unnecessarily and use fog

Flight schedule affected due to fog at Karachi airport

KARACHI: The flight schedule of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) at Jinnah International Airport Karachi on Saturday remained affected due to heavy fog in parts of the country particularly in Punjab province. According to a PIA spokesman, the flight schedule was

Lahore suffering as smog grips again

LAHORE: Thick fog descends upon Lahore, blocking out the winter sunshine, closing off the motorway after dusk and preventing flights from landing at the international airport at night. The problem has grown worse over the last five years due to