Capital police ordered to follow SOP’s during raids

ISLAMABAD: The federal police has taken strict notice over rising injuries and casualties during confrontation with criminal groups. Senior police officers have ordered that police teams should follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during raids and confrontation with suspects. Police officers performing

PEMRA’s senior official suspended during harassment inquiry

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday the Federal Ombudsman for the protection against harassment of women at the workplace terminated the service of a senior Pemra official to discourage interference in the investigation. Ombudsman Kashmala Tariq was hearing a complaint lodged against a

SpaceX destroys rockets during astronaut escape test

CAPE CANAVERAL: SpaceX conducted the last major test of its crew capsule before deploying astronauts in as little as two months, imitating an emergency evacuation on Sunday shortly after liftoff. A Falcon 9 rocket blasted off as normal, but just

CEO Amazon Bezos to face protests during India visit

NEW DELHI: Thousands of small-scale merchants in India plan to organise protests against Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who will be visiting India next week for a corporate event and possible meetings with Indian government officials. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will