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Capital police ordered to follow SOP’s during raids

Capital police orders to follow SOP's during conflict with criminals
ISLAMABAD: The federal police has taken strict notice over rising injuries and casualties during confrontation with criminal groups.
Senior police officers have ordered that police teams should follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during raids and confrontation with suspects.
Police officers performing the operation should be provided with bulletproof uniforms, helmet, arms and ammunition at the time of conducting any raid against criminal elements.

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The SOP states that any operation on criminal organisations can only be conducted after prior permission by the concerned Superintendent Police (SP). The raiding team would consist of Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) staff during the operation.
The guidelines were issued after police personnel suffered a head injury and one of them was even killed in the past week during confrontations with drug gangs due to lack of application of necessary procedures. 
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