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Speaking about sexual assault felt like ‘healing process’: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga released, 'Born This Way: The Tenth Anniversary Edition' which features all of the 14 tracks of her sophomore album

Singer turned actress Lady Gaga has admitted that staying quiet about sexual assault made her feel ‘living a lie’ after which she decided to publically speak out about it which helped her in many ways.

During her conversation with Deadline, the House of Gucci actor got candid to discuss taking a ‘psychotic break’ after a music producer raped her when she was 19. A Star is Born actor explained why she spoke out about the assault, saying “I think that for me it was just a healing process because I’m in the public eye often.”

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“At the time when I first started to come out of things that I was going through, I was in the public eye very frequently and followed all the time,” she explained. The Shallow singer also shared that she felt more comfortable after people ‘discovered more of the human side of her’. 

“I just felt more comfortable in the world. It’s like living in your truth,” added the 35-year-old actor. During her interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, for Variety Studio: Actors on Actors, the House of Gucci actor shared, “I ask for consent a lot, actually. I’ll be like, “Is it OK if I touch you?” When I’m in character, I don’t pretend we’re not filming.”

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