Sindh rejects ban on onion exports: minister

Sindh rejects ban on exports of onions: Ismail Rahoo
KARACHI: Agriculture Minister of Sindh Ismail Rahoo has said that the province rejected the ban on exports of onions imposed by federal government.
In a statement, Ismail Rahoo has claimed that the production of onions was higher than the amount needed in Pakistan, adding that the ban is against the farmers and the labourers.
He said that the people of Banigala have shown their experience by imposing ban on exports of onions.
He urged the federal government to remove the imposed ban and said that the export would benefit the government treasury.
The minister criticized the wheat policies of the federal government and said that the Ukraine wheat that Pakistan has acquired would reach in next four to five months and that time it would be useless.
Ismail Rahoo said that the federal government should prepare its homework before taking important steps.
Earlier last month, wheat and sugar prices skyrocketed across the country after the food items were scarce in the market.
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