Sindh rejects ban on onion exports: minister

KARACHI: Agriculture Minister of Sindh Ismail Rahoo has said that the province rejected the ban on exports of onions imposed by federal government. In a statement, Ismail Rahoo has claimed that the production of onions was higher than the amount

India continues to ban onion exports until Feb 2020

MANCHAR: India has decided to continue placing a ban on onion exports until February 2020 as the country’s domestic prices have risen due to the rain. The export of onions was banned in September to keep domestic supply inside India

Bangladesh imports onions on urgent basis as prices soar

DHAKA: Bangladesh has imported onions by air on an urgent basis as the price of the vegetable soared to record highs. The price of onions has increased results since neighboring India banned exports in September after heavy monsoon rains reduced

Consuming red onions may prevent cancer

ONTARIO: The research lead by University of Guelph has stated that onions play a vital role in preventing cancer, specifically the red ones; dark in colour, have the most fighting power against cancer. Red onions contain several anti-cancer compounds including