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Seven rare deer die at Bahawalpur zoo

BAHAWALPUR: At least seven rare deer of Chital breed have died at Bahawalpur zoo due to negligence of the administration.

According to Bahawalpur zoo administration, there were more than 30 deer in the enclosure. A team of veterinary doctors has visited the enclosure after the death of the seven deer and started treatment of 12 deer to save their lives.

The cause of death could not be ascertained and an autopsy of the dead deer is currently underway. The zoo administration said action will be taken against those responsible for the negligence. The deer are reportedly worth around Rs1 million.

Earlier this month, a giraffe died at the Peshawar zoo. It was the fourth giraffe to die in the past few months and only two remain at the zoo. The zoo deputy director said immediate treatment was provided to the animal but it could not survive. He had said that the giraffe had died due to excessive saliva and diarrhea.

In June, a three-year-old giraffe had died at the Peshawar Zoo in mysterious circumstances, while another giraffe and zebra had died earlier in the facility. Earlier lion died at the Islamabad zoo from suffocation after it was been transported to a private zoo.