Second ‘Kissan Day’ being celebrated across nation

LAHORE:  The second ‘Kissan Day’ is being celebrated today with great enthusiasm to praise the farmers in acceptance of their important role towards the economic prosperity of Pakistan.

A perception survey recently conducted that it was found that small farmers are facing serious issues and challenges and wanted their voice to be heard through such a platform.  Since 90% of the farmers own less than 12 acres of land, therefore, overall crop production decreases while the cost of production for these small-scale farmers increases substantially.

In this regard, the role of the private sector is crucial in supporting small-scale farmers to fight their current challenges and increase food production for the nation, which will not only elevate the status of farmers but also of the country on the economic forefront.

Leading companies like Sarsabz Fertilizers are taking the lead to recognize the important role of Pakistani farmers to transform and modernize Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

Fatima Group with the Government’s support marked a special day for farmers in 2019 as ‘Kissan Day’, to be celebrated every year on December 18 – an initiative that went on to become the intended voice of the farmers to give them an appreciation for being the stewards of agriculture.

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The farmers deserve to be appreciated for working hard in the fields despite harsh weather, tough economic conditions, and even though the Covid-19 pandemic, simply to feed and clothe the nation. Therefore, the celebration of December 18 every year as ‘Kissan Day’ will serve as a constant reminder about the importance of farmers and the agriculture sector for our economic prosperity.

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