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PTI weaponised false narrative for narrow interests: PPP

PPP CEC was chaired by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Source: PPP.

KARACHI: The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has condemned the PTI for using a false narrative of foreign conspiracy for its narrow interests and undermined the constitution.

The PPP CEC met under the Chairmanship of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and former President Asif Ali Zardari. The party noted how the PTI and its leader crossed a red line when it weaponized a false narrative in foreign policy to isolate Pakistan for selfish political gains instead of statecraft.

It also condemned the economic misrule of the PTI that had imperiled Pakistan’s future, and vowed to work for a more equitable set of economic conditions for the people.

The party also condemned the “egregious misuse of power that the PTI government had unleashed in four years of misrule where every constitutional institution was assaulted for narrow political gains.”

Iit observed that all public, constitutional forums were put at risk, plunged into crisis, for the sake of saving a falling edifice of the PTI’s regime, including parliament, the judiciary, the Election Commission of Pakistan and the constitution.

The party also condemned the curbs placed on the media and freedom of speech by a “regime that had grown dependent on silencing dissent and suspending fundamental rights for privileging its own political hate speech”. It vowed to restore media freedoms and bring back civility and tolerance to public discourse.

Chinese attack condemned

The party took immediate notice and condemned unequivocally the heinous act of terrorism that took innocent lives, including Chinese citizens, in the bomb blast in Karachi.

It said party has always stood against terrorism in all forms and manifestations, and will not only make all efforts to bring its perpetrators to justice but to continue to mobilise all resources against the use of such barbarism and violence by non-state actors.

Political victory

All members congratulated the PPP Chairman on the party’s historic, unprecedented political victory for waging a consistent, untiring democratic struggle against the previous government.

It observed that PPP’s relentless struggle both inside and outside parliament lead to a constitutional path to remove the government. Never before had a government been removed through a constitutional tool such as a vote of no confidence in government, it added.

Charter of Democracy 2.0

The PPP discussed continuing its reform agenda in parliament in order to strengthen the federation and its democratic framework.

To this effect, the unfinished business of the Charter of Democracy was emphasised for resumption with consensus and consultation among all democratic forces. I

It was noted that the PPP in its last government had instituted more than 85 percent of the COD, including the 18th Constitutional Amendment among other things. It agreed that electoral reforms were deemed an immediate priority and will be constructively pursued

It also recommended a new Charter of Democracy 2.0, in consultation with all stakeholders and democratic political parties to strengthen democratic fundamentals and realization of public goals, the rule of law, and other reforms.

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