PTI fighting for supremacy of law, says PM Imran on party’s foundation day

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is fighting tooth and nail for the supremacy of law in the country, which is a battle for the soul of Pakistan.

While speaking via a video link on the occasion of PTI’s 25th Youm-e-Tasees (foundation day) Prime Minister Imran Khan said PTI is the only political entity in the country’s history to launch a campaign against corruption. 

The prime minister further said that more than two decades ago, he formed the party in view of the fact that corruption was damaging the country. 

He said that when people in power resort to corrupt practices then a nation is destined to face a decline, adding that 25-year-five years ago, he and his friends named the party after the concept of Insaf (justice) because, without justice, corruption cannot be eradicated.

Speaking about the political journey of the PTI, Imran Khan said that several people joined his party and left however, he never gave up despite all odds.

“I learned not to admit a defeat from cricket,” he said. A person only achieves victory in life when he or she continues to move forward without looking back,” PM Imran added.

The prime minister went on to say that his fight was also inspired by the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who spent 13 years of suffering to work towards the cause of Allah. 

“After a long flight, the PTI held a ‘jalsa’ at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore which marked the political rise of the party on October 30, 2011,” he recalled.  PM Imran also talked about the 2013 elections and his 26-day sit-in against alleged rigging in the polls to send the message across. 

“Unluckily, no action regarding electoral reforms was taken in spite of our continued objection,” he said. “Since then, we had been resolved to introduce a transparent electoral system and my government will now introduce electronic voting machines for the purpose,” he said. After taking over the country in 2018 and he said that the period marked the thorniest struggle of his life.

“No other party had to form a government at a time when the country was going during its most horrible crisis,” he said, adding that the economy was declining, there were extraordinary debts because of the previous two political elites, foreign exchange reserves were empty, and most notably, the current account deficit of the country stood at $20 billion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I am proud of the government’s accomplishments over the last 2.5 years,” he said while giving details of the improvements Pakistan made on several fronts.

“The construction sector in Pakistan is mounting at a fast pace, while we are also making advancement in the agricultural sector, large-scale manufacturing industries, and car sales, among others,” the PM added.

“For the development of the country the government is creating a new city in Sindh province and a central business district in Lahore which will add billions to the national exchequer,” he informed. 

The PM also shed light on several other initiatives of the PTI government, including the construction of dams and the launch of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project to tackle climate change.