Prices for essential items fixed in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi district administration today (Thursday) notified the new retail prices of essential items after the meeting of the Price Control Committee.

According to details, Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Anwar-ul-Haq has also issued a notification in this regard. The local administration has directed all general stores and vendors to set up separate DC rate counters.

Some 40 teams comprising magistrates, price control committees, and assistant commissioners have been directed to ensure that the prices mentioned in the list are followed on the ground. Vendors have been warned of heavy fines if they are found to be selling goods over the mentioned prices.

According to the approved price list, the 20kg bag of wheat flour will be available in the bazaars for Rs 860 per kg. Dalmsur, Gram Pulse Fat, Gram Pulse Fine will be available for Rs 154, Rs150 and Rs130 per Kg respectively.

Sugar will be available from Rs90 to Rs93 per kg. Mutton, beef, and milk will be available for Rs800, Rs400 and Rs100 per kg respectively. Open market rates for vegetable oil are yet to be set by the government.

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