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Police inspector kidnaps trader in Karachi

KARACHI: A trader who had gone missing from New Karachi area was reported kidnapped by a police inspector.
Special Investigation Saddar Police Inspector Malik Ashraf Awan had allegedly kidnapped a trader named Almas from New Karachi.
The trader was returning to his residence located in Lucknow Society when he was intercepted by police and kidnapped near Shafiq Mor.
The trader’s family had called the Police helpline to lodge a complaint. Federal B. Industrial Area police reached the site of the incident where the trader was kidnapped.
The policeman who had kidnapped the trader demanded a ransom of Rs700,000. Further investigation and evidence suggested that Malik Ashraf Awan was responsible and had kidnapped the trader.
Federal B. Area Police have arrested Awan and recovered the kidnapped trader. A case has been lodged against Awan and the other police responsible for the kidnapping.
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