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Police arrest tribal chief, sons in Karachi for patronizing criminals

KARACHI: Shikarpur police claimed to have apprehended a tribal chief along with his two sons in Karachi on charges of patronizing bandits in the kutcha area of the Shikarpur district.

As per details, Shikarpur police in a joint operation with local police carried out a raid in the Gulistan-i-Jauhar area of the metropolis and arrested Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani along with his two sons Imran and Abdul Fatah.

The arrest comes a day after two cops; a private guard of an SHO and a private photographer working with police were killed in an anti-bandit operation in the Garhi Tegho area of Shikarpur. Police had also claimed to have killed six captors during the operation on Sunday.

The arrests were made after a FIR registered at Nagpur Kot police station in Shikarpur against nominated criminals on charges of terrorism and murder of three police personnel during the operation.

The case lodged on behalf of the state through a police inspector, Syed Amir Ali Shah, alleged that Sardar Teghani and his two sons were patronizing kidnappers in his native area of Garhi Tegho.

It said a police team carried out a targeted raid in Garhi Tegho for the recovery of two kidnapped men, Naqeebullah Pathan and Inayatullah when the nominated kidnappers attacked chained police armoured personnel carrier (APC) with rockets, resulting in the deaths of three policemen.

Police admitted that after coming under attack, the APC could not move and other policemen had to rescue the policemen in the vehicle. Curiously, the police FIR was silent about the killing of six kidnappers during the encounter.

Meanwhile, during a visit to a hospital to inquire about the health of police Shikarpur SSP Ameer Saud Magsi said that the blood of the martyred policemen would not go in vain. He said the operation against the kidnappers was still ongoing and he was personally monitoring it.

Reports said that the bandits had recently kidnapped eight people and kept them in the riverine area of Garhi Tegho. Four of them were released by the bandits on Saturday night.

Police launched the operation along with an APC but bandits fired shots of anti-aircraft guns at the APC from close range. This damaged the APC and killed the four people, including two policemen, present inside the APC. The bandits captured the APC and shared its video through different WhatsApp groups to claim victory.