Poisonous herbs

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

Whenever a religious party joins hands with our establishment it gets into trouble and riots start taking place. Even among the non-religious political parties, the path of violence was taken only by those parties which were formed on a belief of anti-establishment. For example, both factions of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Whenever a poor man’s motorbike, rickshaw or cart is set on fire during a public demonstration, you will find the party linked with the Establishment. So it is necessary to find out who is putting these parties on the path of violence. For many months now, just before Ramadan, we have seen the PDM movement in this country. Meetings, processions and rallies were also held in almost every city.

No violence or riots broke out anywhere. However, a small conflict in Multan erupted but there was no violence but peaceful political activity was carried out with the help of manpower. Police also arrested some workers and released them later. It is a part of political activity. Before the PDM, the JUI-F had a long march, which had a profound effect on the national politics of new positive traditions.

But whenever a party, which is not part of the mainstream politics, calls for demonstrations, rallies, or sit-ins and parents are forced to urge their children to stay at home. Because they know that these organizations have no interest in peace and the sanctity of human life and property.

These are heartless beasts who do not refrain from violating business and human dignity in the name of race or sect. If you look at their leaders’ speeches, it would not take long to realize that ‘animosity’ is a regular part of their agenda. Even these ruthless people have unique titles like ‘Mujahids’ and ‘Generals’. So the question is what these so-called ‘Mujahids’ and ‘Generals’ get benefit by vandalising government and private properties.

In recent days, these “Mujahids of Khatam-e-Nabuat” took to the streets and burnt the rickshaws and motorcycles of the poor. The police officers who were not only beaten up but humiliated on camera were from India or Israel? They are creating chaos in their own country by taking war title of Islam. One can tell how much damage has been done to France by these riots?

Damage has been done to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its citizens. There is no doubt that these poisonous herbs spread on the banks of the political mainstream have been grown only to contaminate politics. Some non-political forces use them against any civilian government whenever they want riots in the country. In this regard, it is up to the mainstream political parties to play their role and prevent them.

The state declares them null and void and throws them into police encounters, but they are not completely uprooted. Their roots are preserved. It is not strange that a person who is not even able to protect his mobile phone claims that he will protect the honor of the Prophet (S.A.W.W). Such things should stop now!

It is easier to register a new organization in this country than to register a motorcycle. Anyone gets up and forms a party and starts rioting from the next day. The time has come to sort out the existing parties and ban the registration of these riotous parties in the future as well. Only those who have credible people with a positive identity at the national level should be allowed to form a party.