PM summons federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday

PM to discuss 15-point agenda in federal cabinet meeting today
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has summoned the federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday.
The cabinet members will meet tomorrow in Islamabad to review the overall political and economic situation of the country. The meeting will start at 11:30 am at Prime Minister’s Office.
A report of the Competitive Commission on raising illegal prices of flour and sugar will be presented in the federal cabinet while the cabinet will also be given briefs on electricity and gas prices.
In addition, approval of the formation of the Islamabad Local Government Commission is also part of the Cabinet agenda.
The cabinet will also discuss the matter of issuing domestic lease of Karachi Airport’s land.
Federal Cabinet will approve the appointment of Judge of Balochistan’s Special Appellate Court for Counter-Smuggling.
The Cabinet will also approve the restructuring of the governing body of the Workers Welfare Fund.

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Earlier today, the prime minister inaugurated the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP). The inaugural ceremony took place in the H-12 Sector of Islamabad.
The initiative of the launch is to promote the knowledge-based economy of Pakistan by nurturing innovation-led growth of high-tech entities.

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