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PM agrees to take steps for medical treatment of Umer Sharif

Shahbaz Gill said that we need information from Wasim Badami, work will be started as soon as we get it. (Photo: Facebook)

Just after few hours of legendary comedian, Umer Sharif, who requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to help him with his medical treatment, the federal government is already taking steps towards it. 

The news was announced by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill regarding Sharif’s treatment that the federal government will take steps for medical treatment of the ailing famous Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif.

According to Shahbaz Gill, Umer Sharif is the asset of the country and he will forward Sharif’s message to Prime Minister Imran Khan.  Gill also asserted said that Umer Sharif can be treated in Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the United States.

Moreover, anchor Waseem Badami also tweeted about Umer Sharif’s health and a call from the prime minister’s office that he got a call and he was informed that all possible work would be done to ensure Umer Sharif’s treatment abroad. 

The comedian has been ill for some time. Recently, a picture of him in a wheelchair went viral. However, his family members said that Sharif was fine. A video of Umer Sharif went viral on social media in which he is asking PM Imran Khan to help him in his treatment.

Sharif in his video said, “Doctors have said that I should go abroad for better treatment and according to them, I can get better treatment in the United States.”

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He shared, “I helped Imran Khan build Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.” He added, “Imran Khan, whenever you have done something, you have called me. I have always responded to your voice, so I am sure you will respond to my voice.”