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What happened to the ‘King of Comedy’ Umer Sharif?

Government should review Umer Sharif's medical condition and take steps for treatment (Photo Online)

A picture of Pakistani legend actor and comedian Umer Sharif sitting in a wheelchair has gone viral in which he looks unwell. According to various social media platforms, these pictures are of the hospital where the comedian is admitted in, however, details about what happened to him have not come to light at present.

Background of Umer Sharif

Umer Sharif was born on April 19, 1955, in Liaquatabad, Karachi. He is a famous Pakistani theater, stage, film, and TV actor. The main reason for this is the popularity of comedy stage plays. His real name is Muhammad Umer but after coming into showbiz, he changed his name to Umer Sharif. He started his career as a stage actor in 1974 at the age of 14. In 1980, he released his plays on an audio cassette for the first time. He is not only popular in Pakistan but as well in India. 

Umer Sharif and marriages

Talking about his three marriages in a TV program a few months ago, Umer Sharif shared that he got married to his first wife Deeba Omer during his notable career. Deeba was his neighbor and both of their families were on good terms.

Umer Sharif’s second wife was a  drama artist Shakeela Qureshi but due to fights, the marriage lasted only 3 years. According to the actor, his third marriage was with stage actress Zareen Ghazal who he liked and decided to marry.

Property Dispute

Leading comedian and actor Umer Sharif had approached the Sindh High Court in July against the transfer of property to his third wife, while at the request of Umer Sharif, the Sindh High Court barred his third wife, Zareen Ghazal, from selling the apartment. Comedian Umer Sharif was brought to the Sindh High Court in a wheelchair, accompanied by a lawyer.

Lawyer of Umer Sharif said that the actor bought the apartment with a loan from a bank in 2016. He is now seriously ill and suffers from amnesia. The lawyer added that in December 2020, Zareen Ghazal made a gift deed and signed it with Umer Sharif and his lawyer also said that it is feared that Zareen Ghazal wants to sell an apartment worth Rs 11 crore now.


The new viral image of actor and Umer Sharif, who once used to bring laughter to the faces of the king of comedy and the people, has saddened his fans. The image, which went viral on social media, shows Umer Sharif sitting in a wheelchair. There are dark circles around his eyes, while his beard is also quite long, overall he looks unwell.

Looking at the viral picture, it seems that Umer Sharif is not feeling well. On the other hand, seeing this condition of Comedy King, his fans are praying for Umer Sharif’s health on social media.

Umer Sharif’s condition

There may be such an example in the world but in Pakistan, he is the only actor of such style who gained nationwide popularity through audio cassettes, and later through video cassettes his fame and popularity spread to Asia.

Which role of acting is left which Umer Sharif has not played? The last time artist of Pakistan acted in stage drama was in May 2019 but at that time as well, his condition was very bad while he was suffering from ill-health.

Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with eternal artists but it is also a fact that whether it is Mehdi Hassan or Shaukat Ali, Sikandar Sanam, or Umer Sharif, the government in Pakistan is responsible for the welfare and care of its artists. 

Umer Sharif, who has made a name for Pakistan all over the world and presented a positive image of the country, is in a state of illness and coma today and today he needs the prayers of the nation and the help of the government.  

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