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PIA starts compensation payments to air crash victim’s families, survivors


KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will begin a process to provide compensation of up to Rs10 million to the survivors and families of the victims of the ill-fated PK-8303 flight that crashed in Karachi earlier this year.

The compensation would be provided to all those families who have provided the PIA with succession documents. In the first phase, five people will be given compensation money which includes two survivors of the plane crash incident who would also receive an amount of Rs 10 million.

The survivors include Muhammad Zubair, an engineer by profession, and Zafar Masood, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bank of Punjab. A total of 97 persons had lost their lives including seven crew members in the tragic incident.

The PIA had already borne the medical expenses for the medical treatment of Muhammad Zubair. Apart from them, the families of tree plane crash victims would also receive the money on Friday.

In the coming days, the 22 families affected by the plane crash will receive compensation of Rs 222.8 million. This compensation is being paid in case of burning or loss of vehicles and household items.

The national flag carrier flight No PK-8303 carrying 99 onboard crashed in a residential area of Karachi, minutes before landing at the airport on May 22. 

According to the PIA spokesman, they have already provided Rs 1 million to the families of the victims and the remaining amount to the families would be provided after they would provide succession certificates.

“We have applied claims with the insurance company on behalf of the families of all those victims, who had provided their succession related documents,” the spokesman. He said the families of the victims had been reminded to fulfill all formalities to apply for the insurance claim.

He further said that most of the families have yet to submit the documents to the airline which is causing a delay in the process to provide the compensation amount to the families of the victims.