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Govt doesn’t have a magic wand: Urwa Hocane on Karachi rain

LAHORE: Actress Urwa Hocane has urged people to work hand in hand with the government in order to curb the post-rain situation in Karachi.

Taking to Twitter, the Rangreza actress wrote that no doubt the government did not care about the city but it is time to stop complaining and do something on our own.

“No doubt the government didn’t care about the city but did we! time to stop complaining & do something on our own & fix at least our own colony issues in Karachi! We can’t even stop throwing the garbage everywhere we like. Gov doesn’t have a magic wand! #KarachiRains,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, she continued, “It’s the people who have to work hand in hand with the government! How many of you can come up with a solution? Why don’t we start somewhere . Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa ! #KarachiRains,” she wrote.

At least 23 people were killed in rain-related incidents in Karachi.  More than 500mm of rain had fallen this month, 230mm on Thursday alone, according to the Met office.

The heavy rainfall also resulted in massive traffic jams in parts of the city due to flooded roads. The traffic police advised the commuters to avoid driving the wrong side as this will make the situation worse.

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