People step forward to support Hassan Ali after defeat in T20 World Cup

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As it is said ‘we win together, we lose together’ after Hassan Ali has dropped the deciding catch in the T20 World Cup semifinal, people came forward in support of him.

A picture of Hassan Ali crying went viral on the internet. After he dropped Mathew Wade’s catch in Pakistan vs Australia T20 semifinal. Which changed the whole course of the match. Later, netizens lend their support to him saying that ‘Winning and losing is a part of the game’.

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One of the social media users wrote, “A fantastic cricketer and match-winner. Everyone can have a bad day. Hassan Ali deserves backing and support, not abuse or finger-pointing.”

Another Twitterati shared an old picture of the 27-year-old pacer, where he can be seen posing with Champions Trophy from the match four years ago, in which he played remarkably outstanding.

Meanwhile, another user pens down a beautiful poem to show his support for Hassan. “Mushkilen to ayen gi, (Hardships will follow you)  Musibaten darayen gi, (problems will scare you) Zid pey tum arrey raho, (Stay on your point) Jazbey sey jurrey raho. (Stay with your pride) Gun tumhare gaye gi, (you will for sure stand out) Dunya, Maan Maan Maan jaye gi. (The world will know you).

However, several Pakistanis consoled Hassan Ali saying that no one could have felt worse than him after losing that catch, so at least we can acknowledge him for his best performances in other matches.

Indeed if we can celebrate a victory together, it is an onus upon us as a nation that, we share the loss together too. Pakistani team played unbeaten till the semifinals of the T20 World Cup which is a history in itself and this is what makes us proud of them.

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