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People protest against water shortage in Tarlai Kalan area of Islamabad

Locals said that the tanker mafia has started charging arbitrary rates (Photo Reporter)

ISLAMABAD: Residents of the Tarlai Kalan area have protested against the water shortage and incompetence of the administration.

The reports stated that no work is being done at the UC level. The people of UC-19 have appealed to the elected MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz to resolve the water issue. According to details, the people of Tarlai Kalan longed for a drop of water.

Locals said that the tanker mafia has started charging arbitrary rates. There is no fear of the present government and no government representative is going to ask the tanker mafia. He said that nothing has been done at the UC level for many years.

The Tarlai Kalan area of the federal city of Islamabad, which is ten to fifteen minutes away from the Parliament House, lacks basic amenities. Representatives are found on the doorstep of every house before every election and have not been seen since the election.

Locals said that the area of Tarlai Kalan has been deprived of basic amenities. The people of the area have appealed to the present MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz to solve the water problem. He said that steps should be taken at the UC level to find an immediate solution to the problems of the region.