PayPro launches payment solution for education sector

PayPro launches payment solution for education sector
KARACHI: PayPro has launched a payment solution for the education sector through which parents can pay their child’s fees digitally.
With PayPro, parents would feel much more secure as they can now make school payments through their online banking channels without having to carry cash to make payments over the counter. PayPro acts as the bridge between the school and the bank.
PayPro can accept one time or even recurring payments for Schools and provides the school administration with access to a dashboard that allows them to have insights into their receivables at a glance.
PayPro has its advantages which include a decrease in the cost of receiving payments, better control with real-time reporting, faster processing time with settlement within 24 Hours and proficient utilization of staff time.
PayPro is a product of ConnectPay. It’s a FinTech Company that offers reliable end-to-end digital bill presentment, payment collection and settlement solutions for businesses.
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