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Pakistan’s first-ever Pashto web series focuses on child marriages

PESHAWAR: Pakistan is set to have its first-ever Pashto web series based on the issue of child marriages in society.

The web series named Gudai has produced by RINSTRA, a short-form digital media platform that will produce the first-ever Pashto web-series for their digital platform.

Written and directed by Bakht Rawan Bakht, ‘Gudai’  introduces new and young Pashto artists like Manadar Sadiq, Bibi Shereena, Shabana Azmi, Roma, and Adnan Bakht in the lead.

Adnan Shaukat, the Chief Executive Officer, for Classic Broadcasting, shared his thoughts about the lack of Pashto content in Pakistan, he said, “Content diversity is a big challenge for the media industry in Pakistan, whereas regional mediums have been sidelined by the mainstream media due to lack of vision by the industry players.”