Pakistani female student Aqsa invents sewing machine for visually-impaired

KARACHI: Aqsa Ajmal a Pakistani female student from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has invented the sewing machine for the visually-impaired and won the Lexus Design Award in Milan, Italy.

 People are appreciating her invention and achievement on different social media websites as: “Young Pakistani student of industrial design, Aqsa Jamal from NUST University, has won the prestigious Lexus Design Award in Italy. For her design of a sewing machine for the visually impaired. Aqsa has won from amongst 2042 entries from 79 entries”.

In the awards, a total of 6 entries were shortlisted by the end from the record-setting 2042 entries from 79 countries. On the huge accomplishment, Aqsa Ajmal shared her experience and how she feels to take the invention to the next step. Moreover, she recalled a heart-rending incident in which one of her friends had lost her eyesight which now became the reason behind ”Pursewit”.

Talking to a leading Pakistani news channel, Aqsa Ajmal said, “It was very difficult for her [friend] to come to terms with how she couldn’t pursue her studies anymore. special education and equipment such as braille in Pakistan are quite expensive”.

 “I wanted to make her feel valuable, and that inspired me to create a concept which would help generate employment opportunities for her [friend] and individuals like her,” she added.

Getting to know about the LDA, Aqsa stated, ”After my graduation, I went to Egypt for an internship. When I returned, I came across the Lexus Design Award and applied for it.”

“Lexus announced its six finalists in the middle of December, and from a record-setting group, I was among them. Following this, I got a chance to attend an exclusive mentorship program in New York from world-class designers,” she added.