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Pakistan sends another batch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Pakistan dispatched seven trucks of humanitarian aid. Source: Radio Pakistan.

PESHAWAR: Pakistan sent another batch of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan in efforts to avert an economic disaster in the war-ravaged neigbouring country.

Pakistan dispatched seven trucks of humanitarian aid including flour, rice and pulses to Afghanistan. The trucks carrying humanitarian aid under Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum were handed over to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan officials at Angoor Adda, in South Waziristan district.

Assistant Commissioner Serwakai, Ijaz Akhtar handed over the aid to Deputy Governor of Paktika province Molvi Hamas. Afghanistan counterparts gratefully accepted the aid and prayed for better relationships with each other in future.

On Oct 4, Pakistan has sent thirteen trucks carrying relief goods to deliver humanitarian assistance to various provinces of Afghanistan. According to Pakistan Embassy in Kabul, Pakistan continued to send humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan through the Torkham border.

The relief goods comprising 174 tons of flour, sugar and rice were received by Afghan Deputy Minister for Refugees Arsalah Khan Kharoti. The embassy said Pakistan is committed to help its Afghan brethren to avoid any humanitarian crisis.

Pakistan has sent humanitatian aid to Afghanistan and has urged the international community to engage with the Taliban-led government to avert a possible humanitarian crisis in the country.

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Earlier Pakistan provided eight more truckloads of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan, a statement from the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum said. The aid including flour, rice, and pulses was handed over by Landi Kotal Assistant Commissioner Akber Iftikhar to in-charge of the Torkham border crossing Ghaziullah Hashmi.

The Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum via the Ghulam Khan border had a day earlier handed four trucks carrying 70 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The trucks were carrying flour, sugar, rice, oil, and pulses.

Ameer of Khost received the aid from Assistant Commissioner of Miranshah. The Turkish Red Crescent is sending aid to Afghanistan via Pakistan to feed internally displaced people in need amid turmoil following the Taliban’s takeover.

Turkish Red Crescent President Kerem Kinik said the shipment of food would be sent from Pakistan towards Kabul on Saturday and provide for 16,000 people for a month. Half a million people have been displaced in Afghanistan in recent months, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.