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Pakistan ranked above India on Global Hunger Index 2021

India is also below Bangladesh and Nepal in the Global Hunger Index. (Photo: Daily Times)

ISLAMABAD: The Global Hunger Index (GHI) has released a list of the world’s poorest and richest countries in which Pakistan has been declared richer than India. Apart from Pakistan, India also became poor from Bangladesh and Nepal.

According to the details, the Global Hunger Index reported that last year India was ranked 94th in the world in terms of poverty but now it is ranked 101st. Among the poorest countries in India, only African countries like Nigeria and Congo are left.

It should be noted that the Global Hunger Index covers only 116 countries of the world. According to the global index, Pakistan is ranked 92nd, Bangladesh 76th, Sri Lanka 65th, and Nepal 76th. Pakistan’s neighbouring country Afghanistan, which has been at war with the United States for the past 20 years, is just two places below India at 103rd. The Global Hunger Index says 18 countries, including China, Kuwait, and Brazil, are economically stable.

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According to GHI, 18 countries, including China, Brazil, and Kuwait, are in the top rankings this year with scores less than five. In that case, if we look at the list of 18 countries in the top ranking, India’s neighbouring country China has made significant progress against poverty. Instead of eradicating poverty under the extremist and RSS agenda, the Narendra Modi government promoted chaos and economic misery.