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Pakistan has higher tourism potential than Switzerland: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Naran and Kaghan valley. Source: PM's Office

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said clean and green Pakistan is our vision and the government is taking bold steps for climate protection to secure our future.

Addressing to Tiger Force volunteers during his visit to Naran, the prime minister said the promotion of tourism is a challenge for the government and huge amount is being spent on environmental projects in the country.

He said ten billion tree tsunami program will change the environment and improved tourism will generate jobs and will ensure prosperity in the country.

He said that no place in the world could match the beauty Pakistan has and it is our responsibility to take care of such blessings. He said Trout fish in River Kunhar is loved by people across the country.

PM Imran Khan further said that even Switzerland could not match the beauty in Pakistan. “Switzerland is half of Pakistan’s northern areas and yet it generates US$80 billion from tourism,” he said.

He said that illegal forest cutting will not be tolerated. He also stressed the need to hire local volunteers to keep a watch on forests. He said the beauty of Kaghan valley is unmatched anywhere in the world.

The prime minister visited Naran to inaugurate various development projects for the promotion of tourism and environmental protection in the area.

The projects include tree plantation on the banks of Kunhar River, distribution of motorbikes among Community River Rangers, raising trout fish in the Kunhar River, provision of 5.5 million eco-friendly biodegradable bags, and emergency response service for tourists and delivery of machinery and equipment for waste collection.