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Pak embassy rejects news about changes in Turk visa policy for Pakistanis

ANKARA: Pakistani embassy in Ankara has refuted the news that Turkey had changed its visa policy for Pakistan after some Pakistani were found involved in illegal activities in the transcontinental country.

The embassy on Saturday clarified that Ankara did not make any change in its visa policy for Pakistan nationals.

 “In response to various media reports, it is clarified that Turkey has not made any changes in its policy of issuing visas and residence permits specific to Pakistan nationals,” the embassy said in a tweet. 

It added that the diplomatic staff remains in close contact with the Turkish authorities on all consular-related matters.

A day earlier, it emerged that Turkey has decided to tighten its visa policy for Pakistani nationals after some of them were found involved in criminal activities.

Reports said that the development comes days after Istanbul police arrested six Pakistani citizens for kidnapping four Nepalis tourists for the ransom of 10,000 euros.

“The Turkish government has tightened the visa policy for Pakistanis after crimes reportedly involving Pakistanis,” the report had said.

The Turkish government has also stopped issuing temporary residence permits to Pakistani nationals, it added

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