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Here’s why Junaid Khan was skeptical playing role of Sarmad in ‘Hum Tum’


Junaid Khan, who is playing the role of Sarmad Sultan in the hit Ramadan show ‘Hum Tum’ has recently revealed that he was a bit skeptical about his character in the show.

While talking about playing the role of Sarmad initially, Khan said that he was skeptical because it was a comedy show and he wanted to be sure that the character is perceived in the way it is written.

Junaid Khan said that he had confidence in Danish Nawaz, the director that he will be able to execute the project nicely and took on Sarmad, he said.

Junaid also shared that many people behind the scenes were not sure how the cast will look on screen as Junaid Khan, Sara Khan and Ahad Raza Mir are not the actors associated with comedy a lot.

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The storyline follows a hate-turned-into-love trope as sisters Neha (Ramsha Khan) and Maha (Sarah Khan) grow up with their neighbours and family friends, Sarmad (Junaid Khan)  and Adam (Ahad Raza Mir) who are brothers.

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