Over Rs130m illegally transferred to MUET finance manager’s bank account

The revelation came after National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated inquiry against Mehran University’s Vice-Chancellor

KARACHI: Over Rs130 million has been illegally transferred to bank account of Syed Mansoor Shah, finance manger of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, during the period of 2015 to 2020, it has been revealed.

Syed Mansoor Shah also served as the Assistant Manager in the USAID Pakistan Center of Advanced Study Water (USPCASW) project of the University. The revelation came after National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiated inquiry against Mehran University’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr Aslam Uqaili.

The illegal transactions of Syed Mansoor Shah’s bank accounts while serving as Assistant manager in USPCASW project has also baffled the investigation department.

The monthly salary of Syed Mansoor Shah is Rs. 114,178. However, in the past five years (20-15-2020), over Rs130 million were illegally transferred to official’s bank account. An investigation is underway in this regard.

MUET’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr Aslam Uqaili also promoted Syed Mansoor Shah from Grade 17 to Grade 19 as Finance Manager. After which, Syed Mansoor withdrew millions of rupees from the accounts of USPCASW project of the university.

According to the bank documents received by M.M News, almost Rs10.5 million were withdrawn from HBL account number 0072-790189400-1 of the project, over Rs30 million were withdrawn from HBL account number 0072-79018941-01. In addition, Rs14,205 was withdrawn from HBL account number 0072-790210010-3.

Syed Mansoor Shah also used the USPCASW project’s bank account to transfer money into bank account (0072-79022193-03) of Vice Chancellor’s son Afyaz Uqaili, studying in Mehran varsity’s BBA department.

It is pertinent to mention here that Anti-corruption Establishment also received complaint against Waqas Ali Channa, former Deputy Director Finance of Mehran University Khairpur Campus. He illegally withdrew cash from the university account and transferred Rs50 million to his father’s account.

Over Rs460 million corruption was unearthed in the investigation. In this regard, Waqas Channa had recorded a statement that funds were withdrawn with the permission of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar.

Syed Mansoor Shah also withdrew funds from the account with the approval of the Vice Chancellor and Registrar in which investigations are also being carried out. Others, including Aslam Uqaili, are influencing the NAB and anti-corruption.

When contacted in this regard, Mehran varsity’s Vice Chancellor Aslam Uqali said that Syed Mansoor Shah is no longer a part of the university, it was a USAID project which is now over. “I don’t know how Mansoor Shah withdrew money from this project and why,” he claimed.