Opposition to contact govt allies for ‘in-house change’

Opposition to contact govt allies for 'in-house change
LAHORE: The joint opposition parties Rehbar committee had decided to establish contacts with the PTI government’s coalition partners in the coming days for an ‘in-house change.’
According to the reports the ‘Rehbar Committee’ will start holding meetings with the allied parties of the government from next month to find out the solution to the prevailing crises especially diplomatic and economic.

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Since the PTI government has a thin margin in the National Assembly its coalition partners (PML-Q, MQM and BNP-M) will have to decide whether they should continue providing support to the Imran Khan dispensation that plunged the country into a host of crises or play their role in steering Pakistan out of the quagmire, PML-N secretary general Ahsan Iqbal told media on Saturday.
To a question whether the opposition was optimistic about an in-house change, Iqbal who is also a member of the Rehbar Committee said: “The government is so afraid of any such move that whosoever in the opposition speaks against it and is active in this respect is targeted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) at its government behest.
Earlier, the NAB had summoned Rehbar Committee convener Akram Khan Durrani and now called Ahsan Iqbal on Monday in Narowal Sports Complex investigation.
The PML-N leader said the opposition believed that after the in-house change electoral reforms should be introduced before calling for the fresh elections in 2020. “In medical science, 2020 is referred to a clear vision, so this clear vision should be adopted in 2020 in Pakistani politics too,” he said.

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Referring to PML-Q chief Shujaat Husain’s earlier remarks that if this situation continued no one would be willing to become premier after six months, Mr Iqbal said, “It is the right time that the allies of the PTI government should not be partner in crime with it and say goodbye to it,” he added.
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