OIC urges India to lift IoK’s curfew

OIC asks India to lift IoK's curfew
NEW YORK: The Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) has urged India to lift the curfew from Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).
The OIC asked India to reverse its decision in Iok and allow the occupied territory free access to international bodies, including OIC and UN, to independently investigate reports of systematic human rights violations taking place in Kashmir.
The statement by the 57-member bloc of Muslim countries was issued following a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC Contact Group on Kashmir held on the sidelines of the 74th session of UN General.
In the OIC meeting, it was demanded that India should repeal its draconian emergency laws and its heavy military presence from Kashmiri cities, towns and villages.
The meeting affirmed that Indian actions have conflicted with international law, applicable UN Security Council resolutions and India owned solemn commitments to implement UNSC resolutions.
The meeting welcomed the two reports issued by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in June last and July this year comprehensively documenting the gross and systematic violations of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir.
The meeting denounced attempts to equate the legitimate struggle of the Kashmiri people for liberation from foreign occupation and their right of self-determination, with terrorism.
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It reaffirmed that IoK was an internationally recognized dispute as recognized by UN Security Council resolutions and the UN Secretary-General.
The meeting called on India to allow full and free access to the OIC, IPHRC and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir in order to independently investigate reports of the gross and systematic human rights violations taking place there.
It demanded that India rescind its unilateral illegal actions and reiterate its commitment to abide by the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
It urged India to halt its human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, including the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, especially the use of pellet guns, lift the curfew, allow peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, release all political prisoners, activists and abducted youth.
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