Officials involved in illegal issuance of building maps in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Several officers of the Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation were involved in the illegal issuance of building maps in Sadiqabad area of Rawalpindi.
According to sources, with the alleged connivance of the Metropolitan Corporation officials, unplanned and illegal constructions in the Sadiqabad area have resurfaced despite the COVID-19 epidemic and the lockdown during the last four months.
Sources disclosed during the lockdown, a chain of private schools in Sadiqabad illegally expanded its various branches and also built a new multi-story new campus near Haji Chowk of the area.
Sources further said, “Approval was not sought from the Tow Planning Committee for the newly constructed building under the auspices of the concerned building inspector”.
The requirements and facilities were also not taken in the construction of the building as per the prevailing rules and regulations of the District Education Authority and Rawalpindi Board of Education, sources added.
According to the Board of Education sources, Building Fitness Certificate for any school building, Hygiene Certificate from EDO Health and other basic facilities, including school playgrounds are included in the conditions. However all the terms and conditions were neglected in the construction of the new school building, sources said.
However, the concerned building inspector, when contacted, said that they have sent a notice to the school administration for violating the rules.
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