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Nida Yasir controversy: Is quality of morning shows on a decline?

“Being a host is not easy,” Nida once said in an interview (Pakistani Drama Celebrities)

Many channels globally broadcast different types of morning shows which sometimes play a very inclement role in society. Where in Pakistan, morning shows the concept of morning shows is based on worthless functions of marriages, modeling for high-cost heavy boutique dresses, or how to get fair skin complexion.

Pakistani morning show hosts try similar methods but our acknowledged host Nida Yasir is a whole other ‘mood’. She once hosted a show that offered tips on how short girls could appear taller. Her morning show has often made headlines, and more often than not, it has become her quality to unintentionally generate content that leaves the audience in certain outrage.

Be it how to look fairer, or become taller, or inviting asking guests questions without being prepared; Nida Yasir has done it all. As much as Nida’s old viral video has struck the audience, one thing we all are concerned about, is the quality of Pakistani morning shows on a decline?

The controversy

Recently, an old video of Nida Yasir asking odd questions about Formula 1 cars left netizens amused after it recently resurfaced on social media. She had in 2016 invited students Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq Waqar from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to her show after they made an electric Formula 1 racing car for a US-based competition.

Somehow, the video got the attention and was reshared on Twitter this weekend, it went viral, especially for Yasir’s questions. It seemed as if she had done zero research before calling her guests on the show and asked them inane questions, like why don’t you have a three-person race car. She also did not seem to understand what Formula 1 was.

Lack of research

Nida Yasir should not need reminding that researching about your guest is imperative. Whether it is an area of expertise or not, one should be aware enough to hold an informative discussion. If not done so, it really shows the lack of interest on the host’s part. 

The golden era 

Golden times were those when we have only one channel PTV. People waited desperately for their favorite shows. The basic purpose of that show was information with entertainment and grooming of audience.

Shows nowadays

Nowadays, the predominant themes among most Pakistani morning shows are marriages and appearances. Now In a recent trend, celebrities who are already married get married on set again.

And then there are the problematic and degrading contests. The competitions where beauticians and makeup artists try to make up girls with naturally lighter skin tones in darker shades.

Nida on hosting shows

“Being a host is not easy,” Nida once said in an interview. “At times the guests say things they are not supposed to say. In that situation, I divert the attention of the viewers by brushing aside what was being said.”

Still, Nida has been quite prone to making on-screen blunders. We know change takes time, it might happen in Nida’s case as well but it might take a longer time than usual. 

Quality of morning shows

With the great viewer base shows comes the huge responsibility of what is being shown to the audience and what impact it will have as an audience. There was a show back in 2016, where a female host confidently asked a doctor how many stages are of diabetes, and she also mentioned that how she has heard how diabetes can be reversed. However in actuality, there is no cure for diabetes, one can only manage it.

Morning shows can actually be made into a medium to educate the Pakistani audience but for that, it is the responsibility of hosts to do their homework first.