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A powerful herbal remedy for knee pain

Whether it is due to old age or obesity, knee pain is a common complaint among people of all age groups.

Have you ever had mild to moderate knee pain which will not go? Luckily, pains like knee pain are something that can be treated at home. 

No matter how severe your condition is, there are some home remedies that can prove to be helpful in providing relief from bad knee pain. For that, you may require few things which are easily available at home or can be brought through the nearest market. 

All you need is: 

50g Asgand Nagori (powdered form)

Colchicum (Suranjan-E-Shireen)

China Root (Chob Cheeni)

Black pepper seed 

How to make:

Take one tablespoon of Asgand Nagori, its best remedy for knee pain, add one tablespoon of Suranjan-E-Shireen, take one piece of Chob Cheeni, and add it to the mixture. Following that, take 15 seeds of black pepper and grind all of the ingredients together in powder form.

Your powder medicine is ready, take 1/4th of the powder in the morning and at night after half an hour of eating breakfast and dinner respectively.

Useful tip:

Remember to talk to your doctor if your pain does not go away even after consuming this powder. Some tips that can prevent from knee pain

  1. Managing weight can have a big impact on knee pain.
  2. Following a healthy diet can ease pain too.
  3. A daily exercise is an essential tool for treating knee pain.