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Namrita Kumari died from suffocation: Autopsy report

SUKKUR: The autopsy report of a BDS student Namrita Kumari who died on Monday has stated that the deceased died due to suffocation.
The police surgeon, Dr. Shamsuddin Khoso, said that they found marks of rope tied to her neck suggesting suicide. He said the viscera samples were sent to Rohri for chemical examination.
Disputing the postmortem report, the brother of the deceased, Dr. Vishal, who is a medical consultant in Karachi’s Medical College, said that she had no troubles at home nor was she facing any financial problems, the marks around Kumari’s neck suggested that she was murdered. 
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He claimed that the marks on her neck were caused by a cable. Questioning the sincerity of doctor who conducted the postmortem, He said that the wounds on her arms also contradict the suicide theory as they show she was being held down forcefully. The brother has demanded a fair and thorough investigation into the incident.
Nimrita Kumari’s peers at the university, as well as other people close to her, have recorded their statements pertaining to the case, with the deceased’s brother.
The parents of the deceased, who live in Karachi, had been informed. Kumari was enrolled in the university’s Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme and was a final-year student.
Police, on the other hand, said that they had sealed Kumari’s room and were conducting an investigation in this regard.
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