Murderers should not get any jobs whether govt or private: CJP

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted one man in a murder case and upheld the convictions of four others on the hearing of a murder case on Monday. 

Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa heard a number of murder cases on Monday. One suspect was absolved as the court gave him the benefit of the doubt. Fourteen years earlier, in Kasur, a man named Maqbool Ahmed was murdered.

The High Court has earlier stated the story was concocted out of the incident but the reality is, the deceased died as a consequence of his own actions, said the chief justice. He said there were mountains of lies on both sides. The chief judge said witnesses swear to God and then lie on record.

The Chief Justice acquitted suspect Zafar Iqbal in the case.

The judge, however, dismissed an appeal lodged by a suspect named Muneer in an honor killing case. The lower court has given you 25 years and the high court reduced that to 10, yet you want another decrease in your sentence, asked the judge. Isn’t that enough, he asked the lawyer of the appellant.

However, the lawyer stated that his client was taken down from his government service because of the case. Justice Khosa responded that killers were not supposed to get government or private employment.

He also sustained the sentences of individuals who murdered someone in a fight over a cricket match. Muhammad Akbar and Asghar were sentenced to death and Afzal to life.


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