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Month of independence and our responsibilities

Shahid Shahnawaz

The writer is poet and journalist.

A person spends his whole life earning but he does not realize that Almighty Allah who sent him to this world had a purpose of his own behind this.

We forget that apart from breathing, eating and drinking and spending day and night with friends, relatives and relatives, we have certain rights and duties that we should pay attention to.

Just as a person should pay attention to performing his duties, in the same way, it is important to pay attention to the acquisition of rights, because if this cycle of rights and duties does not run properly, it affects the entire society.

If we take the example of Pakistan, the destruction of the entire system and the deteriorating situation of the economy with each passing day warns us of the coming storms, but we do not miss a beat and bury our heads in the sand like ostriches. 

The situation that Balochistan is facing today is definitely due to the race for money of the Pakistani government and the big economies of the world, which has fueled the climatic and environmental changes and then caused floods and stormy situations in other countries including Pakistan. But there is an even bigger reason for this.

When people today are told that due to climate change, many of the coastal cities that we are seeing will disappear from the face of the earth and become part of the oceans, many people do not believe.

Then when a person reads various research materials and finds out that these are terrible facts that will come true in the future and our generations will not be able to see countless such animals and landscapes, then he is very sad, but about such issues. A collective response is necessary for control.

Many people think that why should we pay attention to the problems that require collective action to solve them? Let it be what it is, but this is the thought that we should end as a nation and as a representative of the world of humanity.

Surprisingly, the people of Pakistan go to western societies and there they seem to follow the traffic rules and throw the garbage in the dustbin very diligently and dutifully, but if they reach their country, all these rules are repeated again.

We have to think that it is an individual who forms the basis of a society and if we change our outdated thinking and stop the small carelessness, at least at the limit of our home, waste of resources, and pollution. If we stop sprawl and wastage of water, it can bring about a big revolution.

It is possible that only your actions will not bring about a revolution in the whole country, but this revolution can happen in your neighborhood or city, which will become a living example for the whole society.

Patriotism is not just that you buy green flags on August 14 and wave them around, paint stickers and dupattas green on your clothes and show others that there is no one more patriotic than you, but the real patriotism of this country. It is the love of property, resources and land that demands our duty.

August is the month of independence which means we got this independent country in this month. There is a need for all the countrymen to think about the problems facing their country and try to solve them. Only unity can save us from future problems.

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