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Model Saheefa Jabbar donates hair to charity

LAHORE: Model-turned-actress Saheefa Jabbar has donated her signature long hair to charity, inspiring many to follow her example.

Having donated her hair, Saheefa Jabbar shared a picture of two cut braids on her Instagram along with a small note. “Was thinking about changing my life another time, and got a haircut. It’s not about cutting it, it’s about power over one’s self,” she wrote.

“In the month of testing powers, it seemed like the right time for it!! Not tryna say this is the right way, just supporting what I believe in, trying to do some good in this world while being myself,” she added.

Karunya’s decision of donating her hair for a cause has inspired many others too. She has also been praised by many as her comment section is filled with appreciation for the actress.

Earlier, Saheefa Jabbar took to social media to remind celebrities and fans about the importance of decluttering wardrobes for charity. Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “As of now, I have raised a total of PKR 200,000 and our initial target was to accumulate PKR 500,000.”

“I have managed to sell most of the items from my closet and a few still remain. I urge you to buy whatever you can, and if possible partake in this cause, try to sort through your old, unused, forgotten clothes and sell them,” she added.

The actress started working as a model and received appreciation for her work. Saheefa impressed the audience with her acting skills by playing leading roles in drama serials like Teri Meri Kahani and Beti.