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Land reserved for zoo near Bani Gala illegally occupied

ISLAMABAD: A government land reserved for the zoo near Bani Gala in Islamabad allegedly occupied by influential land grabbers in collusion with the Capital Development Authority’s officials.
According to sources, more than 300 acres of government land in Bani Gala has been allegedly occupied by land gabbers in collusion with the Capital Development Authority’s officials consolidated his ownership with forged documents.
Sources further said that the land was allocated for the Islamabad Zoo and is located near the residences of the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the current Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi residences.
A local man Talib Hussain revealed that two influential land gabbers, Sakhi Muhammad and Rabinwaz are also leaders of the occupation mafia. He alleged, “Both the men had allegedly occupied 300 acres of the with the help of CDA officials”.
According to sources, the top officials of CDA are aware of this matter science 2018 however, they have remained silent after receiving their shares.
Sources said the land gabber, Sakhi Mohammad has started plotting on the land of the zoo in collusion with all the CDA departments and is making a lot of money by selling these plots.
Sources added earlier a list was prepared by the government officials for action against the land gabbers in which Sakhi Mohammad’s name was at the top of the list, while his name was also included in the fourth schedule.
However, the government has re-compiled the list for action against the occupying mafia in which Sakhi Mohammad’s name is missing from the list, sources added.
sources said the practices have been continuing since long both at the official level in the CDA and by the land mafia which first occupies the state land and then cutting into small plots, sells them to individuals allegedly in connivance with the authority’s officials.
The sources said that CDA officials are involved in the creation of plots out of the area allocated for a public park, hospital, playground, cemetery, or library for monetary benefits.
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